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A little about me...

I come from a musical theatre family.  I mean it, my parents literally met doing a show.  You might have caught me in my very first performance as the melted (shrunken?) witch from The Wizard of Oz running through the lion’s legs and doing a cartwheel off stage at age 5.  I dabbled in a bit of theater, and also took dance classes but after starting gymnastics at age 4 and competing by age 7, that’s what took up the majority of my time through college...


 By the time I was 13 I had broken 9 bones, and had so many other injuries I had set my heart on going into orthopedics and sports medicine.  Once I got to college at Temple University (GO OWLS!) I majored in kinesiology (a fancy word for the study of human movement) and I really enjoyed exploring my passion for the human body, but something was missing.


Fast forward to my senior year, I missed performing.  Taking weekend dance classes in the city wasn’t enough.  I decided to put my medical career on hold and come back home to start auditioning. I quickly started booking films, commercials (both local and national), have kept my love of movement in my life through fitness and dance classes.

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